Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Weekend Is NEVER Long Enough!

Where does the weekend go?! Justin and I attended a first time home-buyers seminar Saturday morning. Last year when we thought about buying we pre-qualified for a no money down loan. With the amount of foreclosurers no money down loans pretty much don't exist anymore. BUMMER! So, it will be quite a while before we'll be buying. My mom watched Noah while we were at the seminar. He had a great time playing with Grandma Debbie!

Today we spent time at my parents' house. Justin had Noah sitting in the rocking chair that my brother, Aaron and I grew up sitting and playing in. It's hard to believe he's big enough to sit in it! He sure thought he was big stuff!
Of course Noah got to see his Great Grandmother, Granny. He's getting so big, and the fact that he's so squirmy, she wasn't able to hold him for that long. But she sure did enjoy seeing him.
Tonight was bath night, always a fun time. I was getting things ready while J got the baby ready. I guess I was a little slow as Justin put Noah in his crib with his comforter over him to keep him warm while he waited for me. So, I had to share the picture of him pulling it over his head and of course the one below is him in his bath. I don't know why we bought him bath toys, a washcloth does just fine!

The big event of the weekend was the Abbott/Shoemaker/and one Nerby Texas Hold-'em Poker Tournament. Let me tell you they put a lot of thought and effort into the planning it. And it went off pretty well. Here are the 5 that got all decked out for the evening: Leahna, Adam, Tom, Seth & Cassie. Leahna won 1st prize and Adam 2nd. Congrats to all that played!


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