Friday, August 12, 2011

"Hi!" "Daddy!" "Mickey Mouse!"

I was going to post a picture that I took of my new classroom in which EVERYTHING that I own for teaching was scattered across the room because it's the perfect image for my life right now. It's so busy with unpacking a new classroom, being on a leadership team of a new school, getting ready to start a school year, having a husband who's also starting a new school year, having an almost 4 year old that's also starting school soon AND having a birthday party and then enjoying time with my two kids. But I didn't, mainly because the mess is kind of embarassing! :) But I am all unpacked and will post pictures of the new classroom soon.

Here are some pictures from our life as of lately as well as a couple videos at the end, the last one leading to the title of this post.

Here's Noah at the "Train Museum" (The WOW Childrens Museum in Lafayette) at the Pirate ship exhibit. We went for some "Mommy & Son" time last week and it was really nice for it to be just the two of us while Daddy and Hannah napped.
Playing with the cash register:
Little Miss helping unpack instruments in my classroom:
Noah with his new backpack. It's a Lightening McQueen backpack, for school, but it came towards the end of the day so it was hard to get a good picture of him:
Of course little sis has to keep up, so she HAD to wear Noah's old backpack. (And she discovered my Mickey Mouse figurine in the curio cabinet. Mickey is her new obsession/favorite thing):
Noah and I before he had his teeth fixed last week:
Telling me something VERY important:
Hannah, embrassing her sassiness, and wearing her brother's old shirt (we put it on her as to not stain her white shirt with spaghetti sauce at dinner):
I think I found a way for them to go to school with me! (And it comes with a very cool lollipop holder!):
Here are a couple videos of Hannah, enjoy!