Saturday, March 8, 2008

Noah's New Ride

So, we finally switched Noah from his infant car seat to his convertible carseat. There are both good things and bad things about this transition. The good things are he will be safer riding in this carseat as he is getting bigger, he sits higher so he can see more and it gives him more room to move. The bad thing is that it's not as convienent for Justin and I when we go places and he falls asleep. Now when we get to where we're going we will most likely wake him up when we get him out of the carseat. In the infant carrier carseat we could just carry him in the seat. It would have been handy this evening after church when we were going to go to Sam's Club but didn't because Noah fell asleep during church and was still asleep after we put him in the car. It will be a change for us all. The carseat is really nice, my Aunt Bernice and Uncle Gary gave it to us at our baby shower. It received the best safety ratings, which is very comforting. We actually ordered another one today so that Noah will have one to ride in when he's with Grandma and Grandpa Shoemaker, who by the way made it official that they will watch Noah for another year (Woo hoo!!!).

Our first trip in the new carseat was going out to lunch at Ting's Chinese Restaurant with Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Seth. It was the first time that Noah sat in one of the restaurant high chairs. He LOVED looking at the menu (or trying to put the menu in his mouth).
He also had a great time this afternoon looking at a magazine with his daddy. In addition to looking at it, he grabbed it, ripped it and tried to eat it! He sure loves to be read to, in fact I have added a new page element to the right side of the blog called "Noah's Book Club" which I will keep a list of all his current favorite books. You'll notice that "Mr. Brown Can Moo" is no longer on that list, poor Mr. Brown! :)

We're wondering how out little guy will do with the time change tomorrow. He wasn't fazed by the time change last fall, but then again he was only 2 months old then. We'll see how he does springing forward an hour. Happy Daylight Savings Time!

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