Monday, April 27, 2009

We Close on the House Tomorrow!!!

I can't believe it's here already: our closing day!  We're suppose to take possession of the house on Friday but after our walk through today it sounds like we might be getting in there earlier.
In the mean time, we're busy packing.  Justin had today off and is taking tomorrow morning off to finish off the kitchen.  We load the truck on Wednesday and we will find out tomorrow if we can take the truck straight to "OUR HOUSE"!!!
Here's our mess (it's driving me CRAZY!!!):

We did make it over to my folks house for dinner yesterday.  Mary came over yesterday afternoon and hung out at our house, played with Noah and helped get him down for a nap.  We're hoping she can watch Noah on Wednesday so everyone can load the truck.  Noah LOVES Mary: we all become second class citizens when he sees her! :)

We also got to see Uncle Adam and Aunt Leahna this past weekend.  We were very lucky that they asked us to tag along with them on some wedding planning that they did on Saturday.  We got to sample some cakes (and look at some pictures of what their cake might look like), taste some of their menu and see where they are going to get married.  The Della Terra, where they are getting married, is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!  I have to admit, I'm quite jealous but so excited for them and the chance to stay in the beautiful resort.  I can't think of two people that deserve such a lovely spot to get married.  If you're going to the wedding and you haven't made your reservation, make sure to do it soon!!  (A little plug for the bride and groom) The resort isn't officially opened yet, so only wedding parties can make reservations.  Each room is uniquely designed and different.  It's really quite breath taking!

While they were here Noah showed Uncle Adam how he discovered his (Uncle Adam's) pool cues.  Uncle Adam got out the practice ball and showed Noah how to hit the ball with the cue.  It's always great to see how Noah likes to hang out with Uncle Adam!

Other Noah news: he's getting really good at feeding himself with a spoon.  He LOVES chocolate pudding!
I don't want to brag, but he's recognizing all of the numbers between 1-10 and he's recognizing a lot of his letters!!!  He thinks he's pretty big stuff!
Everyday he's starting to say more and more:  literally, he's saying the word more!! :) 
It's so exciting to see him grow and change, I can't wait to see how he'll do in the new house!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Goofin' Around with Mary & Ellie

What a different Sunday we had today.  Justin and Noah let me sleep in, which was great.  But shortly after Justin took his shower this morning he started feeling really sick to his stomach.  I had a ROCKE board meeting and Justin finally decided it would be best if my mom could watch Noah while I went to Denver for the meeting.  Lucky for my mom she also was watching my nieces.  Noah LOVES his girls so it made for an easy transition for me to drop him off and leave for Denver.  I left around 12:30 and told my mom that Noah would need a nap soon.  Well, she tried without luck to get him down.  That was until she discovered that he wanted Mary to help put him down for a nap!  So, his 9 year old cousin helped put him down for his nap: she's going to make one fabulous babysitter one day!

After the meeting, Noah and I hung out at my folks house and had dinner while Justin had some peace and quiet at home.  Somehow we started messing around on my laptop.  One of the features on my laptop is a "Photo Booth" application. It's fun to play around with and the girls had never done it before.  Here are some pictures of Mary, Ellie, Noah and I in the "Photo Booth":
This one is "black and white":
This one is "Pop Art":
"Thermal Camera":
"Colored Pencil":
"Comic Book":

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mmm, mmm, Corn Dogs!!!

So, anyone who's ever had a toddler or has been around a toddler for a while understands the difficulty one faces when meal planning.  The quest to find something they will eat is always a daunting task and seems to be a feat that is never met.  

A few weeks ago, when contemplating Noah's lunch repertoire, I picked up a package of corn dogs.  I was excited about these corn dogs, sure that my little boy would devour them, like any red blooded American male.  Much to my dismay, he wouldn't even touch them! 

Well, today for lunch, after his daddy so lovingly made him a grilled cheese sandwich and, in our need to clean out our freezer before we move, fixed himself two corn dogs, Noah decided that he no longer wanted the grilled cheese and the corn dog was his choice of cuisine.  Poor Justin did get to eat one of his corn dogs before he had to forfeit the other to his son.   

Here are some pictures from Noah's "Corn Dog Experience":  (I love the fact he's sitting in his "big boy" seat, wearing his ball cap!)
Dippin' the Dog, in ketchup that is (Auntie Jan, aren't you proud?!):
Checking out the proportion of ketchup to corn dog.  Yep, it seems correct:
Going in for the bite:
Still biting:
Yea for corn dogs!  Not only are they yummy, but they come on a really cool stick!
Yes, corn dogs are good.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  (Okay, I posted this one because look at his cheeks: are those Abbott dimples that I see?):

Non-corn dog related: we've been busy packing.  I have most of Noah's stuff packed, the linen closes, our room, the living room and down stairs is wall to wall boxes!  Thank goodness we don't spend much time down there!  Well, the lunch lady at school has been great about saving boxes for me. So, everyday I've been packing boxes home.  Noah this week has discovered boxes aren't just for packing things in: they are also a great hiding spot!  He was playing peek-a-boo with me yesterday.  Here he is after he just "popped up.":
Opps, looks like we found him!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

All things considered, it was  a nice Easter.  Cold and rainy but fairly nice.  Personally, it was a hard Easter, the first missing Granny.  In addition to missing Granny, Justin's family lost a member of their family this past week.  While I never had the opportunity to meet her, I know that she is deeply loved and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of our family that is grieving the loss of Annie.  

It was also odd in that Uncle Adam was in California and we didn't get to see Aunt Leahna, Uncle Seth or Aunt Julie. But we did get to see cousin Casey, Uncle Adrian and Aunt Connie which is always a treat.  

Here are some pictures from dying eggs Saturday night:
Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Tom, Noah & mommy
Hummm, pink egg:
He actually cracked this one open!
"I don't get this egg thing!"
The Easter bunny was quite generous this year.  Who am I kidding, he was quite generous last year too!  Here's Noah playing with some of the toys left in his basket (or beside his basket: his basket runneth over)

His new phone:
His new slinky:
His new lawn mower (it's actually a bubble mower, but I wasn't about to have Noah shampoo the carpets!!!  We'll add the bubbles when we move to our new house):
His new puzzle:
Relaxing with Daddy and watching his new Elmo DVD:
Relaxing with Mommy before going to Church Easter morning:
Playing with his bath boat before Church:
After Church, his first hot chocolate!!!  It was YUMMY!:
At Grandma Debbie & Papa's house:
My beautiful 9 year old niece, Mary:
My beautiful, almost 7 year old niece, Ellie:
My three favorite kiddos:  Ellie, Noah & Mary:
I LOVE this picture: it embodies how much Noah adores his cousins and how he loves to spend time with them:

The trio at my cousin Joanne's house for Easter supper:
"Hmmm, what is this?"
"Bunny?  I think you need a hug."
"Mmmmm, my first chocolate bunny!  Oh, so yummy!"
Maracas the Easter Bunny left!