Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

What an Easter! It looked as those Santa had visited our house instead of the Easter Bunny! These are all the gifts that he left for our little guy. Noah loves the Super-star stage, which is the toy with the guitar, xylophone, trumpet and microphone. He had a great time playing with it. He also got lots of books, some shirts, bath toys, easter eggs, a stuffed animal and a remote control. That's right, a tv remote control. I guess the Easter Bunny figured he loves Daddy's remote so much he should have one of his own!
We had quite the busy Easter. We went to church at 8:00. Then we had brunch at the Shoemakers where we watched some home videos of Justin, Seth and Adam when they were little. In the afternoon we headed over to my parents' house. Aaron, Janis and the girls got there shortly after we got there. The Easter Bunny left lots of outdoor toys for the girls so Justin, Aaron, Ellie and Mary played four square in the driveway before dinner.

We should have fed Noah Granny's walker, he seemed to enjoy chewing on that more than he did the prunes and cereal that we fed him. We also tried giving him some of the sweet potatos that everyone else was having, but really mashed up with some milk. Those didn't go over too well, I think they were still chunky and since he's still new at eating solids didn't go down well. More of them ended up on his face then in his tummy!

I forgot to get pictures of Noah with the grandparents on Easter as well as Uncle Aaron and Aunt Janis. Here are some pics of him with his Aunt Leahna & Uncle Adam and his Aunt Julie & Uncle Seth.
It was a great Easter. I hope that everyone else had a wonderful day as well!

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