Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Week in Pictures II

Well, it's been a busy week at the Abbott house.  Justin and Noah have spent a lot of quality time together while I have studied for class.  I had my first or two tests last Wednesday and am about 1/2 way through my composer project and 1/2 of my reading for next week.  I meet with my advisor on Monday to schedule my comps.  While I'd like to have them done before August it will make for a busy first two weeks in July preparing for them.  My mom and Noah's two girls will come over Monday morning to help Justin out.  This will be a busy week for him as well.  He's going to be busy in the backyard getting it ready to lay sod and then lay it.  Seth is also thinking of laying sod in his yard, which if that's the case, they will help each other with the yards.

Noah's been well, eating tons, as you can see from his cereal cabinet raid below:
He managed to take ALL the boxes of cereal out and tried to eat some out of most of them:
He's also been sleeping A LOT!  He was to have speech and physical therapy on Thursday at 3:00.  He went down for a nap around 1:00.  At 2:40 when he hadn't woken up yet I call the ladies and told them we'd better cancel- good thing I did, he slept until after 4:00!  Here he is on the couch: he started out in his crib, woke up and I brought him down stairs where we cuddled for a while and then he rolled over and crashed out on the couch.
Don't remember why he was making this face, but it cracks me up:
Helping daddy load/unload the dishwasher  (J was loading it and Noah was unloading it):
One of his new favorite pass times, colored pencils:
No, he's not drinking the Mtn. Dew, but he thinks he's pretty special carrying it around and pretending to drink out of the can (this is on fathers day):
Here he is flipping through  my music history book- I think he's getting more out of it than I do!:
He also thinks he's big stuff climbing up into the chairs and sitting at the table.  Too many times this week I've come in to find him about to edit my class notes!:

"Mmm, donuts!"  This is Father's Day morning: Noah and I are starting a tradition of gettin gJ LaMar's donuts and a Starbucks latte before he gets out of bed.  I got Noah a M&M donut (or as he calls it "ma-mas") and he had to have a hot chocolate from Starbucks as well!
Noah's been fascinated by busses for sometime now but on Father's Day, while we were eating Justin's delicious smoked brisket, discovered the fine art of aircraft.  Since then whenever he hears a plane he has to see it in the sky.  We went for a walk the other night and I don't know which amused me more: Noah searching in the sky for planes or Justin trying to explain to him that he couldn't control when the planes would fly by.  Noah was getting so frustrated and wanted more planes and he wanted Justin to make them come! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Week in Pictures

So, I started my last class for my masters degree last Monday.  It's four weeks long, focusing on 20th Century music.  It consists of two tests that are 40% each of my grade and one paper.  Needless to say I've been doing A LOT of reading and studying.  The first test is Wednesday and the next is on the 8th of July so wish me luck!  Because I'm not going to have too much time to blog I'm going to try to do one a week that is just pictures.  
So, here are some pictures from our week:

Noah having a snack of Captain Crunch (he helps himself to the cereal cabinet!):

"Hmm, the Rockies have been doing well, I better catch up on my Cubbies!":

"Gotta get my shades on":

"On a walk with Mommy and Daddy":

"Playing in the hamper":

"Relaxing on the couch and with my folks":

"Smelling the flowers":

One of his favorite spots:  our front porch.  He loves to look out at the neighborhood, look for birds and sometimes the resident bunny and also to catch bubbles, although in these pictures he looks like he's in jail! (I had to take these while standing next to him and hoping I got the shot somewhat centered):

Friday, June 12, 2009

Daddy's a Hero!

Before I tell you the story of how Justin is a hero I must first introduce you to our resident bunny.  (See above photo)  He has yet to be named (I'm pushing for Bob the Bunny) but Noah enthusiastically calls him "BAA!"  Anyways, "Baa" visits our backyard daily.  Two days ago in fact we noticed there were two bunnies.  Then yesterday Justin noticed there is now a baby bunny that also inhabits our yard.   Well, today the baby bunny somehow got down into our window well.  (see photo below)  The poor little bunny was trying his/her hardest to hop its way out of there but it just couldn't do it.  Justin made a "bunny catcher" out of Noah's diaper box, finally got the bunny to go into the box and carefully got the bunny out of the window well just before one of the daily rounds of rain started. (It's been raining on and off here all week- sure doesn't feel like summer vacation yet)
 Way to go J for rescuing the baby bunny!
Now, I know you all don't check the blog to see pictures of bunnies so, for the real reason you're visiting: here are some photos of Noah! :)

Here's Noah and Daddy playing with a red stretchy tube:
"Now it's short":
"Now it's long":
"And we can play telephone with it!":
Check out these two cute kids!  Mary went with Noah and I to Fort Collins buy books for my class.  Noah lately has been wanting to be carried so I knew I couldn't carry him and my books so I recruited Mary to help me.
This is Noah pretending to talk on his phone while wearing his Cubs batting helmet (thanks Grandpa Dean) while investigating his toy box in his playroom:
Since we've moved Noah's been fascinated with Daddy's tools.  This day it was the tape measure that caught his attention:
Pulling it up:
"Look how high!":
"Aw, love the tape measure" (yes, he's giving the tape measure a hug, as he does with everything these days!):

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Butterfly Pavilion

While Justin and Seth tackled painting the ceiling in the living room today Noah and I went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster.   I had been there before and thought that Noah would love it.  There's a bug room, which he was mildly interested in.  This are includes Rosy, a tarantula that they let the kids touch.  Too bad there was a long line to do that. . . . . . .  (thank goodness!).  There's a water life area that has an aquarium with jelly fish, one with tropical fish (including clown fish where you hear all the kids get excited about "Nemo") and there's an area where you can touch star fish.   Again, mildly interested in this room.  Then there is the infamous butterfly room that is a simulated rain forest.  As soon as we entered it Noah wanted to leave!  I got him to look at a couple butterflies but he really just wanted to leave.  He finally found some contentment in a area that they simulated to be like "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."  The area that he liked the best was the big honeycomb.  Here are some pictures from our trip today:
I love this one:

"Reading" up about bugs:
At the mosquito exhibit: 
By a giant bug:
"Holy cow, Mom!  Look at this grasshopper!":