Friday, March 21, 2008

Another One On The Way!!!!

Yes! Justin and I are excited to announce that Noah is getting. . . . another tooth! He cut his first one last Friday and this evening when I felt his gum there's another tooth that cut through right next to it. Of course he won't let anyone except Mommy feel it though!

Noah had a great day with Grandma Debbie and actually had his first play date (sorry that I missed it!). My cousin, Cassie, had a baby named Merrick a couple weeks after Noah was born. Cassie and her parents all live in Utah and were in town visiting her grandmother, Jo. So, while I was at school, Merrick and Cassie came over to play with Noah. Noah, I guess, was very protective of his train that he got from Santa. He didn't want to share it with Merrick. My mom said that Noah started to cry when Merrick was crying. It would have been fun to see the two together. The last time they were together was before I went back to work, so Noah was no older than 6 weeks.
Justin is officially on spring break, the lucky dog! And unfortunately, I have a very busy week at school this week. I'm on evaluation this year and I have to prepare my data and artifacts for my principal to review over spring break. In addition to that the 2nd grade concert is Tuesday night (please send extra prayers my way that night, we're going to need it) and OAKE conference is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I know that Justin will have a great time with Noah, I bet they watch the Price is Right everyday! I will be very ready for my spring break the following week!
In case I don't post again before Sunday, we hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


Debbie said...

Dear Noah,
I have been in much anticipation of your Easter events. It is now Monday, March 24th and I have not heard how your family functions went. DId you not enjoy them enough to write them in your blog? In fact, I don't know how your Saturday went in addition to your Easter. What is up?

Your most curious reader

Dean said...

I just found the headline to be most interesting. I mean, you click on to the blog and the first thing that hits your eyes is "Another One On The Way!!!" Then I read that it's another tooth!

Grandpa Dean