Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of "Firsts"

Noah had many firsts today!! Today was the last day of the OAKE conference so he, Daddy and Grandpa Jerry came to Denver to meet Grandma Debbie and I for dinner and go to the closing concert. Thus, his first trip to Denver!

We went to dinner at Old Chicago's, his first trip there. Here's some pics to recap the meal:
Checking out the menu.
After perusing the menu he decided on the applesauce that Daddy packed for him. He first had applesauce on Thursday. He seems to like it as he's had a whole container of it everyday since.
Doesn't that applesauce look lovely on the chin? Instead of a milk mustache, he's sporting an applesauce beard.
Although if Dad's not fast enough, the table always tastes good! (yucky, Noah!)

After dinner, we went to the honor choir concert: Noah's first "real" concert. My mom and I each had a student that made it into the children's chorus. There was also a middle school choir (which was AMAZING!) and a high school choir. Noah fell asleep before the concert and for a while I thought he'd sleep through it then the choir came on and the audience clapped and he woke up. He was such a good little audience member! He was awake during the first 2 choirs, but by the third choir he crashed. It was weird to think that maybe someday we'd be at a concert like this listening to him sing.

Finally, his last "first" of the day was on the way back to the car. Both Justin and I were thirsty and we walked right by a 7-11, so we stopped in and bought a Slurpie: Noah's first time to 7-11 (exciting, huh?!)

Opps! I guess I was wrong, his last first of the day was getting to bed so late (with the exception of Christmas Eve).

What a busy day for our little man! And as Justin's spring break is ending, mine is just beginning. I'm excited to see what other "firsts" will be happening soon!

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