Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break II

Noah began his second spring break today. Last week he was on vacation with Daddy and this week he's on vacation with Mommy. I must have worn him out as he crashed about 7:00 tonight!

We got up early with Justin. We did our grocery shopping around 8, came home and Noah took a nap. When he woke up we played for quite a while. Around noon he started acting tired again, but didn't want to sleep so we ran an errand to the post office. He fell asleep on the way home. We were going to go by King Soopers to pick up some things that we were unable to get at the Walmart but didn't since he was sleeping. After his nap we finally put together his Christmas present that Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Jerry gave him: a Tonka Truck that he can push or ride on. It's for ages 9 months-3 years so it was okay that we waited to get it put together. It's still kind of too old for him, but he'll grow into it and he loved playing with the shapes today. We also did laundry all day, that's the mess you see in the background!

Daddy helped him sit on it, he looked like such a big boy! All too soon he'll be sitting on it by himself!
Here he is crashed out on Justin. He was alseep in Justin's lap but woke-up only to fall right back asleep after he sat up! Poor tired baby, he was all "truckered" out!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of "Firsts"

Noah had many firsts today!! Today was the last day of the OAKE conference so he, Daddy and Grandpa Jerry came to Denver to meet Grandma Debbie and I for dinner and go to the closing concert. Thus, his first trip to Denver!

We went to dinner at Old Chicago's, his first trip there. Here's some pics to recap the meal:
Checking out the menu.
After perusing the menu he decided on the applesauce that Daddy packed for him. He first had applesauce on Thursday. He seems to like it as he's had a whole container of it everyday since.
Doesn't that applesauce look lovely on the chin? Instead of a milk mustache, he's sporting an applesauce beard.
Although if Dad's not fast enough, the table always tastes good! (yucky, Noah!)

After dinner, we went to the honor choir concert: Noah's first "real" concert. My mom and I each had a student that made it into the children's chorus. There was also a middle school choir (which was AMAZING!) and a high school choir. Noah fell asleep before the concert and for a while I thought he'd sleep through it then the choir came on and the audience clapped and he woke up. He was such a good little audience member! He was awake during the first 2 choirs, but by the third choir he crashed. It was weird to think that maybe someday we'd be at a concert like this listening to him sing.

Finally, his last "first" of the day was on the way back to the car. Both Justin and I were thirsty and we walked right by a 7-11, so we stopped in and bought a Slurpie: Noah's first time to 7-11 (exciting, huh?!)

Opps! I guess I was wrong, his last first of the day was getting to bed so late (with the exception of Christmas Eve).

What a busy day for our little man! And as Justin's spring break is ending, mine is just beginning. I'm excited to see what other "firsts" will be happening soon!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

7 Months Old!!!

Can that be true? I can't believe that my baby is 7 months old already, where did the time go?!

Here are some pics his daddy snapped of him today. I didn't get to see him too much today as I was at the OAKE conference today (and will be there tomorrow and Saturday as well). I'm lucky that the conference is in Denver this year (next year it will be in Washington D.C.). I can't wait for next week when I am off for spring break, I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with my baby!
It's weird to think that after spring break there are only 7 weeks of school left. However there are still 4 more concerts to go!

These pics Justin took earlier this week. When Noah is with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Tom, they use the stroller in the house to help get him to sleep. My baby does not like to be rocked to sleep! So, here's what he was doing when Justin tried that technique this week- playing with his Bronco blanket. Although Justin did get him to fall asleep in the buggy. I guess we'll be taking a lot of walks this summer- one every morning and one every afternoon!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time With Aunt Julie

So, while Justin and Seth with to play frisbee golf, Noah had a "new babysitter"! He got to play with his Aunt Julie! Justin told me that as they cme up to the door after playing they could hear Noah squealing with delight. I guess Julie said he was happy the whole time that Justin was gone.

Tomorrow Noah will have another babysitter: Uncle Aaron. And I think he might be bringing a couple of Noah's cousins to help him out. I hope Noah's as good for him as he was for Julie today!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

What an Easter! It looked as those Santa had visited our house instead of the Easter Bunny! These are all the gifts that he left for our little guy. Noah loves the Super-star stage, which is the toy with the guitar, xylophone, trumpet and microphone. He had a great time playing with it. He also got lots of books, some shirts, bath toys, easter eggs, a stuffed animal and a remote control. That's right, a tv remote control. I guess the Easter Bunny figured he loves Daddy's remote so much he should have one of his own!
We had quite the busy Easter. We went to church at 8:00. Then we had brunch at the Shoemakers where we watched some home videos of Justin, Seth and Adam when they were little. In the afternoon we headed over to my parents' house. Aaron, Janis and the girls got there shortly after we got there. The Easter Bunny left lots of outdoor toys for the girls so Justin, Aaron, Ellie and Mary played four square in the driveway before dinner.

We should have fed Noah Granny's walker, he seemed to enjoy chewing on that more than he did the prunes and cereal that we fed him. We also tried giving him some of the sweet potatos that everyone else was having, but really mashed up with some milk. Those didn't go over too well, I think they were still chunky and since he's still new at eating solids didn't go down well. More of them ended up on his face then in his tummy!

I forgot to get pictures of Noah with the grandparents on Easter as well as Uncle Aaron and Aunt Janis. Here are some pics of him with his Aunt Leahna & Uncle Adam and his Aunt Julie & Uncle Seth.
It was a great Easter. I hope that everyone else had a wonderful day as well!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Another One On The Way!!!!

Yes! Justin and I are excited to announce that Noah is getting. . . . another tooth! He cut his first one last Friday and this evening when I felt his gum there's another tooth that cut through right next to it. Of course he won't let anyone except Mommy feel it though!

Noah had a great day with Grandma Debbie and actually had his first play date (sorry that I missed it!). My cousin, Cassie, had a baby named Merrick a couple weeks after Noah was born. Cassie and her parents all live in Utah and were in town visiting her grandmother, Jo. So, while I was at school, Merrick and Cassie came over to play with Noah. Noah, I guess, was very protective of his train that he got from Santa. He didn't want to share it with Merrick. My mom said that Noah started to cry when Merrick was crying. It would have been fun to see the two together. The last time they were together was before I went back to work, so Noah was no older than 6 weeks.
Justin is officially on spring break, the lucky dog! And unfortunately, I have a very busy week at school this week. I'm on evaluation this year and I have to prepare my data and artifacts for my principal to review over spring break. In addition to that the 2nd grade concert is Tuesday night (please send extra prayers my way that night, we're going to need it) and OAKE conference is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I know that Justin will have a great time with Noah, I bet they watch the Price is Right everyday! I will be very ready for my spring break the following week!
In case I don't post again before Sunday, we hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Noah got to see lots of family today. He started out the day at Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Tom's. Then, since my mom had a half-day of school, he spent the afternoon with Grandma Debbie. And since Justin had parent-teacher conferences tonight, my parents and Granny came over for dinner. My mom will be watching him tomorrow as she has the day off. (One of the perks of teaching for a Catholic school: you get the holy days off!) She had him laughing so hard tonight. They were sitting on the couch playing with his baseball toy and what she was saying had him in stitches. I ran to get the video camera but the tape was full and I couldn't find the new tapes!! UGH!
Yesterday Noah and I went over to my friend Susie's house. Susie is getting married on June 7th so her friend Karen and I helped address the invitations. Noah, on the other hand, did not help much. :) She gave him an envelope to play with and needless to say no one will be receiving that invitation in the mail! But he did have a great time sitting on her Bronco chair!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Skill

First of all, Happy Late St. Patrick's Day. Did you know that the Irish did not celebrate St. Patty's day yesterday with a mass? Why you ask? Because it's Holy Week. I know that thanks to my husband and his vast knowledge of all things trivial. Aren't I lucky?! :) Speaking of Holy week and Easter, which is Sunday (can you believe it?!), don't forget to vote on the new poll to the right, "what did you get in your Easter basket?"
So Noah has a new skill. Tonight while we were reading before bed he started turning the pages in his books. I would hold it up a little bit as the board book pages stick together and tell him "okay, turn the page" and he did. Almost everytime he turned it the first time I said it. My little bookworm, he loves to be read to and now he can help!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Weekend Is NEVER Long Enough!

Where does the weekend go?! Justin and I attended a first time home-buyers seminar Saturday morning. Last year when we thought about buying we pre-qualified for a no money down loan. With the amount of foreclosurers no money down loans pretty much don't exist anymore. BUMMER! So, it will be quite a while before we'll be buying. My mom watched Noah while we were at the seminar. He had a great time playing with Grandma Debbie!

Today we spent time at my parents' house. Justin had Noah sitting in the rocking chair that my brother, Aaron and I grew up sitting and playing in. It's hard to believe he's big enough to sit in it! He sure thought he was big stuff!
Of course Noah got to see his Great Grandmother, Granny. He's getting so big, and the fact that he's so squirmy, she wasn't able to hold him for that long. But she sure did enjoy seeing him.
Tonight was bath night, always a fun time. I was getting things ready while J got the baby ready. I guess I was a little slow as Justin put Noah in his crib with his comforter over him to keep him warm while he waited for me. So, I had to share the picture of him pulling it over his head and of course the one below is him in his bath. I don't know why we bought him bath toys, a washcloth does just fine!

The big event of the weekend was the Abbott/Shoemaker/and one Nerby Texas Hold-'em Poker Tournament. Let me tell you they put a lot of thought and effort into the planning it. And it went off pretty well. Here are the 5 that got all decked out for the evening: Leahna, Adam, Tom, Seth & Cassie. Leahna won 1st prize and Adam 2nd. Congrats to all that played!

Friday, March 14, 2008

It Wasn't The Carrots!

If you read the previous blog you read that Noah had a hard time falling asleep last night and we thought it might have been because we had fed him carrots for the first time and it had upset his stomach. This morning after I had gotten myself and Noah ready for the day I discovered that it wasn't the carrots that were his problem last night. I quickly called Justin over- Noah's cut his first tooth! I didn't see it but you could feel something sharp on the front lower left side of his gum. No wonder our little pumpkin had such a hard time falling asleep last night! I just called Grandma and Grandpa, they've both felt the tooth now (Noah wouldn't let then this morning when I was there). He's playing and doing great. Yeah- first tooth!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We're Sittin'

Noah has started to get the hang of sitting by himself. He still is a little wobbly and you're not sure when he might slowly lean too much to one side but for the most part he's sitting for long intervals of time all by himself. Good job baby boy!

We're still having a hard time adjusting to the time change. I think tonight might have been the hardest night yet that he's had trying to fall asleep. It's hard to say if it's just the time change or if his tummy is bothering him too. Justin noticed that his tummy was rumbly while he was trying to get him to fall asleep. We added carrots to his diet tonight, so that might have done it. I thought (r)Abbotts were suppose to like carrots!
I lucked out tonight as I was suppose to have some of my second graders after school for a special project for their concert. We ordered plain white umbrellas that they were going to decorate for their rain themed concert, but the umbrellas didn't arrive in time. We'll have the umbrellas in time for the next session which is next Tuesday so the kids that missed today will just go then. I must admit I was glad to go home to my boys- this second grade bunch is tough, we had 3 of them suspended from school for kicking and beating up two classmates. The principal meet with the entire 2nd grade class today about the incident, I hope it helps. They have been a difficult class since kindergarten. It makes me worry about what things will be like when Noah is in school.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, Monday

Okay, so these pictures were taken on Sunday, but it's Monday and that's the way the song goes :)

I thought after we put Noah down to bed last night that everything went too easy with the time change. He got up yesterday at the same time and went to bed at the new time with no problems. This morning he slept a little later than usual, but it wasn't too much later as we didn't have to wake him up to get ready.
Tonight, however, was a different story. He was so tired, you could really tell it. When we went to put him to bed he cried like crazy which is odd as he's gotten so he rarely cries at bedtime. About 40 minutes later he finally decided to nurse (which would have been almost exactly the old time) and fell asleep without any problems. We'll see what tomorrow brings, I hope he starts to adjust to the time change.
He has been so giggly the past couple of days. Aunt Janis was getting him to giggle and laugh at my parents house yesterday. Last night I had him giggling a lot and tonight he was giggly while I was trying to feed him. I think that's got to be one of the best sounds ever- a baby laughing. It's so funny. We had him in the jumperoo the other night and he was laughing- my eyes starting to water because I was laughing so hard. He was getting a kick out of one of his toys hitting the side of the jumperoo- just the type of thing that a little boy would think was funny.

We're still plugging away at learning how to eat "real" food. We've switched from rice cereal to oatmeal, he really likes that. We tried green beans, the first food other than cereal yesterday. That was interesting- don't think he really liked them too much. He did better with it tonight, but then again I mixed it more with the cereal. And of course the whole experience is always messy, as it should be. Just part of the fun of being a baby.

By the way, I added a poll located on the right column of the blog. Check out the bottom picture of Noah in his Cubbies shirt- do you think there might be dipples in those cheeks?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Noah's New Ride

So, we finally switched Noah from his infant car seat to his convertible carseat. There are both good things and bad things about this transition. The good things are he will be safer riding in this carseat as he is getting bigger, he sits higher so he can see more and it gives him more room to move. The bad thing is that it's not as convienent for Justin and I when we go places and he falls asleep. Now when we get to where we're going we will most likely wake him up when we get him out of the carseat. In the infant carrier carseat we could just carry him in the seat. It would have been handy this evening after church when we were going to go to Sam's Club but didn't because Noah fell asleep during church and was still asleep after we put him in the car. It will be a change for us all. The carseat is really nice, my Aunt Bernice and Uncle Gary gave it to us at our baby shower. It received the best safety ratings, which is very comforting. We actually ordered another one today so that Noah will have one to ride in when he's with Grandma and Grandpa Shoemaker, who by the way made it official that they will watch Noah for another year (Woo hoo!!!).

Our first trip in the new carseat was going out to lunch at Ting's Chinese Restaurant with Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Seth. It was the first time that Noah sat in one of the restaurant high chairs. He LOVED looking at the menu (or trying to put the menu in his mouth).
He also had a great time this afternoon looking at a magazine with his daddy. In addition to looking at it, he grabbed it, ripped it and tried to eat it! He sure loves to be read to, in fact I have added a new page element to the right side of the blog called "Noah's Book Club" which I will keep a list of all his current favorite books. You'll notice that "Mr. Brown Can Moo" is no longer on that list, poor Mr. Brown! :)

We're wondering how out little guy will do with the time change tomorrow. He wasn't fazed by the time change last fall, but then again he was only 2 months old then. We'll see how he does springing forward an hour. Happy Daylight Savings Time!