Sunday, March 2, 2008

Snowy Sunday

When I looked outside the window this morning, I just knew I'd have to post something. Only in Colorado can you have a beautiful, almost 80 degree day and the next day wake up to snow.

Noah slept in until 6:30 this morning. When I went get him out of his crib we looked out the window and saw snow! From the looks of it, I thought we'd get a lot more than we actually did. It was also very windy today, so all the blowing snow made it look like we got more than we did.
Justin is still sick, so Noah and I spent a great part of the day playing and working on sitting up. I got him positioned on the floor, against the couch with pillows on each side and we practiced sitting for a pretty long time. He's getting better at it. His Aunt Julie and Uncle Seth got him this cool flower toy that plays different songs, I put that between his legs and it helped him balance. By the end of the day he was doing it pretty well, for long intervals of time.
As always on Sundays, we went to dinner at my mom's house. Janis, Aaron and the girls weren't there. Janis and Ellie are sick, so if you guys are reading this we missed you today and hope that you feel better soon!

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