Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

It was a "super Sunday", in more ways than one.

These pics are of Noah getting ready to watch the Super Bowl. He's sitting in his daddy's chair, tv remote in hand,(okay, most of the time it was in his mouth) ready for the big game. And, yes, he's staying true to his hometown team by wearing his Bronco's gear, even though they weren't playing in the big game this year.

Aunt Leahna and Uncle Adam were in town to celebrate Leahna's b-day. We all met at the Shoemaker's for brunch. Uncle Sethie and Aunt Julie were also there. It was great to get everyone together.

Uncle Aaron, Aunt Janis, cousins Mary and Ellie came over around 2. We played trival pursuit: everyone vs. Justin. And, yep, you guessed it- Justin won. My folks and Granny joined us later for dinner and the football game.

What a great Sunday- rarely do we get to see so many relatives in the same day. How lucky are we that we'll get to see them all again next weekend at Noah's baptism!

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