Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Mary!!!! I can't believe my little niece is now 8 years old. It feels like just yesterday she was Noah's size. I hope you have a great day Mary- enjoy your day off from school! :)

I love this picture of Noah and Uncle Aaron. He's still pretty happy even thought he's not feeling that great. He's got a bad little cough, it makes me want to cough everytime I hear it- he's got so much guck in there! His nose is also running. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for his 6 month check-up, I hope they can help him out so that he feels better. (I called the nurse two times last week. He doesn't have a fever and is still pretty active so they weren't worried about it- of course I am!) He's had a horrible time sleeping this weekend. Justin got up with him at 4:30 on Saturday morning (I was up at 5:30- I had a ROCKE workshop all day that I had to go to) and I was up with him at 4:00 this morning. This morning he fell asleep from 6-8 after he got up but only slept while I was holding him. Needless to say we are a very tired mommy and daddy.
Little Noah is very close to sitting all by himself. He goes for pretty long durations of time sitting up like this, but still leans back or to his left. He'll get it figured out all too soon, I bet!

This is a little preview of Noah's Easter outfit. When we were shopping today for Mary's brithday gift we found a very cute little outfit. I had to get this matching hat. It reminds me so much for my Gramps. He had a couple of them, he called them his "go to hell" hats, not sure why and it doesn't really sound too nice but that's what we grew up calling these hats.
We also found an Easter basket for Noah at the Pottery Barn for kids, it's very cute. It is brown wicker with a blue plaid liner. It reminds me of the basket that my Granny made for me. Of course we've also started looking for things to put in the basket. It's such great fun spoiling our little guy!

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