Thursday, February 21, 2008

Almost There. . .

So, I think Noah is almost over his cold. He really seems like himself again, not coughing or sneezing as much. He was still smiley while he was sick, but you can tell he's feeling better. I'm glad!

I think that it looks like he's starting to get his daddy's dimples. You can kind of see them in this picture. What do you think?
He's changing so much everyday, I wish that I could stay home with him to see it all. He's still not rolling from his tummy to his back, but he's starting to try to crawl over us. He's getting better at sitting, trying to reach for anything and everything while doing so. It amazes me the things that he's holding. We have been playing with the train that he got from Santa these past few nights. He's not interested in the animals so much as the cars!!!
He's been reaching for the animals on the mobile on his swing. He's grabbed "Guy the Gecko" quite a few times and has almost gotten "Morris the Monkey" as well.

I'm enjoying this time before he gets moving. I know once he is mobile Justin and I will be getting a lot more exercise than the pilates that we do after he goes to bed! :)
Tuesday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Colorado! Grandpa Tom and Grandma Kathy took Noah outside into their backyard for part of the day. It's actually the first time he has spent some time outside. I was so protective of him when he was first born. He was born in late August (we didn't get home from the hospital until August 31) and once September comes around the weather in Colorado gets "iffy". I hear he had a great time. Grandma Kathy showed him the pond, they touched some rocks and got to explore. There's lots to look forward to this summer!
Yesterday wasn't as nice, so there were no trips to the back yard, however Noah made the most of it. How grand it must be to lounge in your favorite chair with your legs crossed just so while someone feeds you! Ah, the life of a baby.

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