Monday, February 25, 2008

Mmm, Mmm Good?

Justin and I decided early on that we would wait to give Noah solids until he was 6 months old. Seeing as how that will be Wednesday, we thought we'd start a couple days early. It's hard to tell if he enjoyed the rice cereal that we fed him. He didn't eat too much or seem too interested but then again he had kind of a rough afternoon, so we'll see if it goes better tomorrow.
We thought for sure he'd be gobbling it down as he's been very interested in watching us when we eat. Maybe he was expecting pizza? I think his facial expression in the picture below sums it all up.

He's outgrown his infant tub so we invested in a $10 Walmart blow-up yellow duck tub. He had his first bath in it Saturday night. What a riot! He had the best time, especially when he started kicking his legs and water went splashing everywhere. I must have taken him out too soon as he cried when the bath was over. We're looking forward to tomorrow night, another bath and another attempt at cereal, yea!
It's amazing and I've said this before, how quickly he's changing. He's jumping a lot in his Jumperoo, something that he's just started doing. But tonight while he was jumping he had to hold on to the Little Einstien toy that Aaron and Janis got him for Christmas. He had a blast!

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