Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Day, Another 3 Outfits!

So, I realize that I have already written one post for today, but I couldn't resist sharing Noah's wardrobe change throughout the day. Some days are just like this!!

Here's outfit #1: Gray "Property Of Mom" shirt with navy blue pants
Outfit #2: Bronco outfit that Uncle Aaron and Aunt Janis gave him when he was first born. We topped it off with a 101 Dalmations hat (it's actually a hat that I had bought for Mary when she was a baby, now Noah gets to wear it) Notice that he's sitting up by himself in his Daddy's chair!!!
Outfit #3: "My Heart Belongs To Mommy" t-shirt (for Valentine's Day) with a pair of jeans. While eating dinner tonight at Gunther Toody's Daddy and Noah decided to accessorize it with a hint of ketsup on the front. (the man sitting behind Noah is non-other than his Uncle Adrian)
Here's Noah with Aunt Connie, still wearing outfit #3- shortly before he went home and put on outfit #4: his jammies!!!

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