Saturday, February 23, 2008

6 Month Pictures

We took Noah today to Kiddie Kandids in the Flatirons Mall to get his 6 month pictures. That was quite the adventure. The picture taking process itself was quite easy: help pose baby, photographer engages baby by making funny sounds, photographer snaps picture of baby. Then comes the challenging part, nothing like I remember from getting photos taken as a kid. One of the sales persons sits with you at a computer. With you sitting there, they crop and edit your photos. They can change them from color to black & white or sepia (a lighter-brownish tint to the phot). They can make the corners lighter or darker, they can add borders, make the photos into magnets, mugs, mousepads. Then you also have to choose the package and sizes you want (which if you want a 5 x 7 you end up with two of them because you have to buy a whole sheet- 8 x 10) It's really quite an overwhelming process!
But it's great to have these great pictures of Noah, I need to get his photo album put together (and some of the 1,000s of photos that I've taken of him actually developed and put into them). That's the beauty of digital cameras: you can take as many pictures as you want without having to spend money developing them, especially if they didn't turn out too great.
When we got home, I was tired! What an exhausting process. I got Noah out of his carseat and we started playing on the ground and he FINALLY rolled from his tummy to his back. He's mastered rolling from the back to the tummy, so this has been a long time coming. Way to go baby boy!
His Grandma Kathy made him a quilt, which you've probably seen in the previous pictures on this blog: it's got Noah's Ark on it. Lately, he's been trying to grab the animals off the quilt, he gets frustrated when they won't get into his hand!


Dean said...

Great pictures!!!! The smiles are fantastic!

Grandpa Dean

Anonymous said...

what a cute little boy, i'm so happy for the two of you, god has given you a wonderful gift.the blog is fantastic

Veryproudauntiejanis said...

Oh my....he is darling in all of these pictures! Man what a handsome litte man he is. I really like the first one with gramps hat on. I would love to have one, picture I mean not baby. HeHe.