Monday, September 1, 2008

Noah's First Parade and More!

Noah attended his first parade today: the Louisville Labor Day Parade. Last year he was only one week old so he, Justin and I stayed at home with Granny. Here are pics of Noah with Grandma Debbie and Daddy.

It was only Justin, my mom, Noah and I that were sitting watching the parade this year. My brother, Aaron, is the director of the Centaurus High School Band so he was marching next to them, as was the rest of his family. Mary was helping carry that banner & Janis was a "band parent" (see pic above) Ellie was also "with the band," passing out gum. I was in such a frenzy to get a picture of Aaron for my mom that I spaced snapping one of Ellie: BAD AUNT!!! I wouldn't have been in such a hurry if Justin didn't need to leave the parade early. You see, my dad has been one of the Labor Day pie judges for the past few years and this year he arranged for Justin to also judge. Poor Justin, though. It was a dream job for him and he was so sick that he could barely taste the pies! He said he hoped he did a good enough job that they will ask him to judge again next year. He even got an apron and a ribbon! It told him he should hang his ribbon above his desk at at school, the kids would get a kick out of it. Speaking of school, I actually got Justin talked into taking the day off tomorrow. He NEVER misses school, but he has been so sick and really needs the rest that I think he finally realized just how much he needs a day to sleep and take it easy. So, I will take Noah to the Shoes as usual so he can get some much needed R & R (I'm sure he'll also have to watch the Price is Right)
The other big news of the day is that Noah has cut his 7th tooth! I had no idea how far it was in already. I thought he was working on his molars and that the bottom left one would cut anytime now. Imagine my surprise when I'm holding him in my lap, he leans back and opens wide and there is a molar halfway through the TOP left side!!!! How could I miss that! I wonder how long it's been there, the outside half has cut through and one of the inside prongs has popped through. He's growing up too fast!

Here's my little "fireman." We got Noah some big boy bath towels for his birthday, I thought they were too cute. The other one is a little lion towel. His Grandpa Dean, Fran, Uncle Jackson and Aunt Holly sent birthday gifts for Noah that included fireman jammies! Of course he had to wear the matching p.j.'s tonight!
One of Noah's favorite things to do at Granny's is "crash" the memory game when Mary and Ellie are playing it. Here he is today having a great time playing with the memory cards.

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