Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Adam!!!

Today is Uncle Adam's 23rd birthday. I love this picture of Noah & Uncle Adam that Grandma Kathy took this afternoon, it's too sweet!

All of us except for Aunt Julie were able to celebrate by having dinner and cake at the Shoemakers. It's crazy to think that a year from now Adam will be employed as an engineer and finally done with school!

Happy Birthday Uncle Adam, we love you!!!
Noah certainly enjoys spending time with all of his uncles. For a little while he was going through stranger anxiety. Maybe it's because he's seen them more often or he's out growing that phase but he warms up to all of them right away. Here are a couple pics of the four boys watching something on the computer:

This picture is from last week when Noah's great-aunts, Connie and Judy, were in town. They went with the Shoes up the Braynard (spelling?) Lake for a picnic lunch. I thought this picture of the three of them was just darling.

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