Sunday, August 31, 2008

Noah's First Birthday Party!!!

Noah's 1st Birthday party was yesterday!!! It was actually his 3rd birthday "party", we had one in Illinois in July, then one on Tuesday when Aunt Judy & Aunt Connie were in town. But this was his "official" party: planned by mommy.
Here's pics of all his presents and the food table.

Everyone eating (they didn't eat enough, we have A LOT of leftovers!)
The birthday boy eating a chip.

Presents!!! And he actually wore the hat!!!

My Granny.

Grandma Debbie, Mary, Uncle Aaron & Aunt Janis.
Grandpa Tom, Aunt Leahna, Uncle Adam, Grandma Kathy.
More presents. It's nice having two older cousins that can help open them!!

Mary, Granny, Ellie, Justin & Noah.
The cakes: the big one and his "smash" cake. He wasn't into eating last night. He tried maybe a bite of frosting and that was it. We'll try again today. It wasn't like all those pictures you see of babies with cake all over their faces. Noah was far too neat.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He clapped for us when we were all done singing (that's something he does a lot: claps at the end of a song, good concert ettiquette, you know!)
Blowing out his candles, well, me blowing out his candles!

Eating his cake, with a spoon and knife no less!! He seemd to have a great time. He got so many presents but more importantly he has so many relatives that love him. Between the three parties we were able to see and spend time with a lot of family. Thank you everyone for making his first birthday very special!!

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