Saturday, September 27, 2008

13 Months Old!!!!

Holy cow, Noah is 13 months old today!!! It's so hard to believe that! Since he's been born it feels like time just flies by, but I guess that's what they say happens when you're having fun. He is doing so many things, it seems like everyday there is something new. And he is such a happy little guy (I keep calling him a baby even though everyday he is becoming more and more a toddler). We are so lucky to be his parents.

Here are the boys sporting their Obama shirts before Friday's big debate. Of course the bigger boy was much more into watching the debate than the little one. The little one was content cruising around the room, playing with his toys, knocking over the blocks that I stacked, talking up a storm and of course reading before bedtime.
Noah is finally pulling himself up in more places than just the bath tub. Earlier this week as I was getting us ready to leave for the day he saw his "Wheels on the Bus" book and decided that he had to have it. He pulled himself up on the basket, reached over the basket and the crate (where more books are stored) to get his beloved book. In the bottom picture he is showing off the book (kind of reminds me of a fisherman showing off his catch).
Noah is talking so much. He can tell you that sheep say "baa," cows say "moo," the snake says "hiss," the bear says "grrr," and the lion says "rrr." He says "mama," "da," "this" (sounds like diss), "that" (sounds like dat), "bath", "stop" (he says this when reading one of his books that has a stop sign, of course it sounds like "dop") to name a few of the things he says. Oh, and Grandpa Tom would be the first to tell you he's saying "Grandpa," well, not quite yet but he does say "pa" and I think that he's associating that with Grandpa.

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