Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a Big Boy

Well, Noah had his first Happy Meal today. I've been fixing him chicken nuggets, fries (which he loves, just ask his Aunt Janis) and apples so we figured he was ready for the Happy Meal. Granted, he'll maybe eat half a nugget but it was fun none the less. He ate as much apples and he did fries and actually seemed to enjoy his prunes and green beans better than the fried McDonald's food (which is just fine with me).

We all have been so busy with school and life. Noah has physical therapy once a week, I had a staff meeting after school this week and of course we're trying to make it over to see Granny once a week. Through it all, Noah and Justin have established a steady morning ritual: Noah wakes and nurses then Daddy changes his diaper and the two boys come down stairs and sit on the coach for a bit. Noah's always so smiley and happy in the morning, especially during his morning cuddle time with his daddy.

Noah's talking up a storm. When you ask him what sheep say he says "baa" (he's done this for a long time now), you ask what cows say and he says "mmmm" but the new one is you ask him what snakes say and he says "hisss". It took him a while, at first he had just the "sss" sound but now he's got it. He's trying to imitate more and more. And I think he's trying to say bath. EVERY time we go into the bathroom, be it to wash his face or take a bath, it sounds like he tries to say it. He also says "this" a lot. A lot of things are "this," it gets very confusing!

And of course he's on the go ALL the time. He wants to walk everywhere but can't do it by himself so he gets frustrated when we don't keep up with him on where he wants to be going. He's moving from laying to sitting like a pro now and trying to pull up a lot more. Of course his favorite place to do this is the bath tub!

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