Sunday, September 14, 2008

Typical Male

In many ways Noah is such a typical male: he loves to bang things, he loves to be loud, he grunts and yes, he loves football. I have probably mentioned this before, but he has always seemed to love football. Maybe it's because he was born during Monday Night Football or that he was born into a Bronco fan-family or maybe it's just simply genetic. Last fall he was contently laying on the floor at my parents' house until my brother got in his line of vision of the football game. It was quite funny that a 2 month old baby would get upset about not being able to see the game! Needless to say not much has changed. Noah still loves to watch football. He doesn't seem to watch much else on t.v. other than the part of Price is Right when the contestants are told to "come on down" and when they spin the wheel. As you will see in this video, he's talking and playing in front of the t.v., he briefly looks up when there is an ad for football, but once the game comes back on he's back to watching the game.

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