Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Baby Boy is One Year Old!!!!

I can't believe that Noah is one. It's been an amazing, joy-filled year. I can't imagine our lives without Noah. He fills our hearts with pure joy and love. Being his mommy is the most amazing, rewarding experience I could ever ask for.

His birthday was actually really anti-climatic. Both Justin and I had school and then Noah had physical therapy after school. He seems to be still working on those molars, which if that is the case he's been doing it for a couple months now. Or he's getting/has the cold that is circulating the Abbott household right now. I got it last week, thought I was on the mend earlier this week and was hit with it again. Justin really got hit with it yesterday and today. Both the boys were in bed early. I should have been so wise as to follow suit!
Tomorrow Noah has an appointment at the urologist so I have a half day sub. The lady that subbed for my maternity leave is my sub, which made writing sub plans REALLY easy: she wants to do her own thing. That works for me!
Noah's Aunt Janis and Aunt Connie both got tickets (from different sources) to go to Mile High tomorrow evening to hear Barack Obama speak. While Noah isn't going, he'll be with them in spirit sporting his Obama t-shirt.

Here's a short (very short) clip of Noah smiling tonight. He's such a little cutie, if I do say so myself!

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