Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Many Changes!

Noah is changing and growing so quickly. He's learning lots of new things.

First of all, Sunday night in the bath tub he tried to climb out!!! He grab the side of the tub, lifted his rump, put all his weight on his knees and tried to get up on his left foot. Needless to say I was so excited. He didn't try it last night in the tub but he tried to pull up onto his knees yesterday a couple of times. Also, when I put one of his cups or toys on his head he'll take it off and try to put it on my head now. They were trying to get him to do that in swim lessons and now that they are over he does it! Silly baby!
He cut his fourth tooth on top yesterday bringing his tooth count to 6- he's now a hexa-toother! Still no molars, he's been working on those for over a month now.

He's been playing with the nesting blocks in the pictures that I posted today. He even started trying to put them into one another they way they're suppose to go! He's been talking up a storm, of course most of it sounds like a foreign language that neither Justin or I speak. We're working on animals sounds. When I ask him how sheep go he says "baa" (he says it at the end of the video clip I posted below). When I ask what the billy goats says he'll say "maa" after I help him. He's trying to say "moo" for cow but it comes out as "mmm" right now. So many changes in so little time! And before we know it August 27th will be here and he'll be one year old. *tear* It's gone too fast!
We haven't been working on how animals look, but this is he's "deer in headlights" look. : )

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