Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can It Be? Noah's 16 Months Old!

I can't believe that my baby boy is another month older (and yes, I do say that EVERY month!) It is so fun to see his personality developing more and more each day. Here he is in the snow boots he got for Christmas. He had SO many presents and was more interested in playing with the toys than opening more packages that he opened a couple of them the day after Christmas. The snow boots were one of those packages. Once he saw them he wanted them on and didn't want to take them off. Too bad we don't have any snow to play in right now!

We were lucky that Grandpa Dean's present arrived today, it spread the present opening out a bit more. From Grandpa Dean and Fran Noah got a CUBS batting hat, soft bat & ball, a CUBS shirt, a Disney outfit that had a coat and a winter shirt. He looks so cute in the batting helmet, he even tries to put in on himself!
The girlies spent the day with us today. It's always great to see how Noah loves to spend time with them and they are so loving and good with him! Here are the "three amigos" on the couch:

Here are Noah and Ellie in his wagon. We gave it it's inaugural ride to King Soopers today, Ellie and Noah rode in it while Mary and I pulled it. It rides well!
We took the kids to the mall for dinner tonight and of course that meant spending some time in the play area. Here's Mary, the future babysitter, helping Noah walk through the crowded dinosaur lair.
Last night Kathy and Tom came over for pizza and afterwards played Texas Hold 'Em and Noah wanted to be part of the action. We tried giving him his own cards but of course he could tell the difference even though both decks were red. He also wanted the poker chips, which are too small, so he had to settle for the dealer chip. What a silly baby! And he's all ours! :)

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