Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Kathy!!! (And catching up on other happenings. . . )

First of all, Happy Birthday Grandma Kathy! We hope that you had a great day!
Second, I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog. What a weekend we had! Uncle Adam graduated from the Colorado School on Mines on Friday. While Justin and I were unable to attend, Noah went with Grandma and Grandpa. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share of Adam in his cap and robe. Leahna had a real nice party to celebrate on Saturday.
On Sunday, Uncle Seth graduated from Metro State College. Here's a picture of the two graduates.
Here's Seth and Julie after the commencement ceremony. Here are the four boys after the ceremony.
Noah walking through the convention center. Notice that he's holding on to Justin with only one hand!
His physical therapist thinks it should be any time now that he will be walking on his own
Here's the little man "relaxing" during the ceremony. He did such a great job- the commencement lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes and he was great. Notice that he's laying on his diaper bag by my feet- what a goof!

Below is Noah being his smiley self!
This was my project last night: making name tags for the choir field trip that was today.
Here I am with "my kids" on the field trip. We had quite the experience. I called the living center yesterday to confirm that we were scheduled to sing today. Well, when we showed up at 10:00 they said they had "double booked" and we'd have to go through the hallways and sing. Thank goodness I had a parent that arranged for us to sing in the lobby instead of roaming the hallways and singing to empty rooms (which is what we started out doing). The kids did great with following directions and I was very proud of the way they represented out school.
Here are some more pictures of them singing to the seniors.
Here are my two boys relaxing this evening, "reading a magazine." You can't see it but Justin also has his feet kicked up. These two are best buds, that's for sure!
Below is Noah admiring the tree. He's been pretty good about not taking the ornaments off of the tree, but he does like to look at them and touch them and the lights.
And here is my little goofball who is becoming increasingly more and more difficult at diaper changes. He loves to turn the light on and off and the switch is located right at his "changing station." I've become quite good at putting his diaper on him while he's standing up.

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