Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today Noah Got His First. . . .

Kiss from a girl!!! (The cute little brunette in the first picture). We were in the play area of the mall today and this little girl came over to where we were playing and started playing with us on the spinning sand wheel. Justin was helping her spin it and she got excited and gave Noah a hug. Then they started spinning it again and she leaned over and gave him another hug and planted a smooch on his forehead. She did this two times, it was too cute. I asked her mom how old she was and she said she's two. I told her what a great vocabulary she has, she was talking up a storm! Too bad Noah didn't get her number, I bet she could teach him how to talk! :)
Here's our little man crawling through the dinosaur egg. The play area at the Flatirons mall is all dinosaurs, it's pretty cute. They also have a funny mirror, mazes and puzzles on the walls, Noah really like to play with those. He especially likes the lady bug maze- but those who know him well know he loves lady bugs!

Here's Noah with another little boy in the dinosaur egg.
Here's one of the wall puzzles.

Here we are at the ladybug maze I was mentioning above.

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