Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa & Happy New Year Everyone!

Today was my dad's birthday. After lunch we headed over to my parents' house where we spent time with my side of the family, had a yummy dinner and ate cake & ice cream to celebrate his day. Here are a few pictures. The first is my dad with all his grandkids, Noah, Ellie & Mary. Below Mary & Ellie are helping blow out the candles.
Noah & Papa.
Noah & Ellie sharing the rocking chair.
Janis, Aaron & my dad
One of Justin's and my projects this break was to make homemade spaghetti noodles and homemade ravioli. We also made homemade sauce. All of these were Granny's recipes. We invited our families over for dinner on New Years Eve to partake of our feast. I must admit it was quite yummy. From the picture you can see that Noah agrees. (We've learned to strip him down before adding tomato sauce!)
Here are some pictures from last night. First, my baby playing with his train set:
Kathy, Seth, Mary, Ellie, my mom & Janis playing "Sorry!":
Tom, Justin (with a very tired Noah) and Aaron playing on Aaron's gang's Wii. Very fun, I think Justin has talked me into getting one!

This one is not from New Years Eve but is just a cute, funny picture of one of Noah's favorite things to do: sit under his table that Santa brought him. Funny boy!
I hope you all had a great start to your new year!

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Nice blog - I must say, your daughter is very cute! Thanks for sharing!