Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gotta Love Family & Friends!

I think the best thing about the holidays is getting to spend more time with family and friends. We are really lucky that a lot of our family live so close to us: my parents and Kathy & Tom live within a mile of us, my brother and his family are about a 15 minute drive away and they actually live very close to Seth and Julie and Adam & Leahna are the farthest away, in Littleton. Granted Adam will be moving next month to California and a brand new job but we are fortunate to have those people near to us.

Here are some pictures from this past weekend of Noah and some of his family.

In the picture above he's with his favorite cousin Mary and his Uncle Aaron. In the picture below he's with his other favorite cousin, Ellie and Aaron. I was telling Justin we got him the wrong thing for Christmas- we should have gotten him a picture of the girls for Christmas. I found an old frame and put a picture of the three of them in it and he LOVED it! He pointed to the girls and kissed their pictures, it was too cute!

Below is Noah with his Uncle Adam, who was tickling him. Noah LOVES Adam and Leahna. The three of them have a head nodding thing going on. When ever Noah sees them he shakes his head no, then they do it back and the dialogue continues back and forth. It's cute to see how he remembers that and associates that with the two of them.

On Monday Noah and I went to lunch at the home of a friend of mine from high school, although it's actually her parents house as she lives in Utah now. There were four of us that were able to meet for lunch. It was great to see everyone, most of them I haven't seen in over 15 years. And there were TONS of kids there, Noah loved that!

Here are all of us, on the left is Leah (she has four kids now), Megan (she has two), Becky (she has one and one on the way) and then there's Noah & me. We're hoping to make it an annual event. There were a couple people that couldn't make it, so it would be great to try to connect with them next year.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that means we're off to the Pancake House in Boulder for breakfast with the Shoemakers. This year it will only be Kathy, Tom, Seth, Justin, Noah and I. Then after lunch my nieces are coming over so I can braid their hair for their Christmas pageant at Church. We're off to Church at 4:00 then dinner at the Shoe's. After dinner Noah will open his presents and after that everyone else will go out and look at lights while we get Noah ready for bed and then we'll all exchange gifts. I also have to make rolls sometime tomorrow and Justin has a few pies to bake. Hopefully I'll post some pictures tomorrow night or Thursday morning. If I don't, here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

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