Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last Day Of Winter Break

Today was Justin's and my last day of Winter Break. I go back to kids tomorrow, while Justin has an inservice day tomorrow and a workday on Tuesday. It's going to be hard to leave Noah tomorrow morning. It's been a great two weeks! I have never enjoyed a winter break as much as this one. It's been great playing with Noah, hanging out in our pajamas for most of the morning, holding him during his naps and spending all day with my two guys. I'm so going to miss it!
Noah is changing so much and I am really dreading the end of this month: one week I will have parent/teacher conferences two nights until 8:30 and following week I will have another night of conferences. I am trying not to think about it since it's a few weeks away, but it's going to be so hard to leave Noah at 7:30 in the morning and get home after his bedtime. I'm going to see if I can slip out early enough to get home to help put him to bed. I've come to cherish my time at home, it's definately my priority. There's nothing more important to me than being home with Justin and Noah. I know that I will have to two of them on my mind a lot tomorrow. The most comforting thing about going back to school is knowing that Noah is with two fabulous people who love and care for him. Thanks so much Kathy and Tom!

Justin, Noah and I spent the afternoon at my parents' home. I'm so thankful that my Granny is able to enjoy Noah. She turned 92 last September, he is her 3rd great-grandchild. Noah's so squirmy it's sometimes hard for her to hold him. I was able to get a couple pictures before the squirming began.
We missed seeing my brother, sister-in-law and their girls today, but we did get to see them a few times over the break, it was so nice. Aaron & Janis- if you're reading this, I hope that Ellie feels better!

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