Wednesday, January 9, 2008


You can't tell it that well from this picture, but Noah found his feet tonight. I snapped a couple other pictures of him actually holding on to them but, as you see, he has no diaper on and those pics showed a little more than just him holding on to his feet. Justin kind of laughed at me taking the pictures, but I was afraid that he wouldn't be holding them still after I got the diaper on. I was right, he didn't find them again this evening. (He's also wearing no clothes, because as Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Tom know, diaper changes can sometimes feel like you're cleaning up a volcano eruption. I call it "Mount Saint Noah.")

I made it through a long day. After school there was an hour of vertical teams and then a staff meeting where I found out that the CELA test is the Colorado English Language Acquisition Test. It was about 5:40, after the staff was trained how to administer the CELA test and teachers were working on scheduling their students to take the test that my principal came up and told the me, the pe and the art teacher that it'd be okay if we left. The pe teacher, Mike, has a 1 year old so we both bolted out of there, wishing that he would have told us that a half-hour earlier! The art teacher, Bill, is single and said he'd stay through the rest of the meeting. He may earn brownie points with the principal, but Mike and I got to spend more time with our kids this evening! And really, who wouldn't want to spend time with this little cutie!!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures of Noah are cute and all, but where are the pictures of that cool uncle from Westminster I keep hearing about? We need to see more of that dashing gentleman.