Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Tom!!

Today is Grandpa Tom's birthday. He and Kathy are going to a fly-fishing show in Denver. We hope that they are having a great time!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Tom!!!
Justin, Noah and I spent the afternoon shopping. Santa brought Noah part of this train for Christmas. Justin and I found an addition car at Walmart and learned that we're still missing a car. There's also a couple other animals that go to it that we dont' have. We visited two Targets, a Walmart and Toys-R-Us and everyone was sold out of them. I did see them last night on Walmart's website, so guess what was ordered when we got home! It's good that Noah is too little to be spoiled!!!

At one of the Target's , I found this Roll-Along Musical Ark. The animals match the ones that go to the zoo train that we'd been searching for all day. I just couldn't pass it up, it's too cute! (Plus I had some winnings from this year's football pool- I came in second. Plus I told Justin that it would be a Valentine's Day present for Noah.)
Again, thank goodness he's too little to spoil!!! And even if he was old enough to be spoiled, I'd still have bought it. He's only a little kid once, right?!!!

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