Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving: Round 2

Thanksgiving part 2 was a great success. As you can see Noah ate some of the cherry pie. Last night he did try some of the pumpkin pie and seemed to like that as well. All of the Shoemaker clan was there: Kathy, Tom, Adam, Leahna, Seth, Julie and the Shoe's next-door-neighbor Maureen.
Here's Seth getting ready to mash the potatoes. He and Julie also brought green bean casserole. In my opinion, the green bean casserole makes Thanksgiving!
Tom's turkey this year was so moist and tender, it was delicious! He didn't cook the stuffing inside the turkey, which he heard cooking it in the turkey can take the moisture out of the bird. The stuffing he made had carrots and italian sausage and it was YUMMY!
Noah really enjoyed playing with his aunts and uncles. Another thing that he enjoyed doing was playing the computer slot machine game! Leave it to Kathy to teach the baby to gamble! : )
He also figured out how to turn on their iPod dock. He's known how to change the songs for a while but now he can turn it on as well. He's such a sponge right now, soaking everything up!

Not only is Noah learning a lot, he's also getting into everything! Last night he got stuck in the chair and tonight he got under the baker's rack. Oh the places he'll go!

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Grace said...

hi! how's the little Noah. I pray that you are in good health, a blessing & to be proud of to your family, and a blessing to others too. Count me as one of yor friend. I'm your big sister Grace.