Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving: Round 1

The first phase of Thanksgiving is complete. Justin spent most of yesterday baking pies. Pictured here are two blackberry, two pumpkin, two cherry and two pudding pies. He also baked an apple and pecan pie and of course a cheesecake, for moi!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house last night. Aaron, Janis, Mary and Ellie were there in addition to my cousin Joanne and her husband Jim and my cousin Keith.

Here's Noah and one of his favorite girls, Mary. The three kids LOVE to play on the piano and Grandma Debbie is teaching Mary and Ellie. Actually, Mary is teaching herself a lot, she's getting quite good. That's something I regret is never learning piano. It's hard to practice when you live with your teacher!
Here's Grandma Debbie and Ellie reading before dinner.
Noah didn't eat too much for Thanksgiving dinner. He did, however, enjoy the jello salad (NOT a favorite of mine). Needless to say he was a big red mess by the end. I'm not sure if he'll do too much better today. We're having dinner at the Shoe's at 2:00 but we'll need to feed him lunch at 12 because otherwise he's so hungry he's not his happy little self.

Here we are trying to scrub the red jello off of the Noah's hands. His shirt is all red too, any one got any tips for getting that stain out?!!
After bath we threw him in his jammies. Here he is getting stuck in the chair. Poor baby kept climbing up on the chair and getting his head caught in the folding chair.
And here we are this morning having a pre-breakfast snack with Daddy. We'll watching the Macy's Day parade, Noah will take a nap and then we'll head over to the Shoemaker's.
We're playing poker tonight, so wish me luck!!
We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and gets to spend time with dear family and friends. HAPPY TURKEY DAY EVERYONE!

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