Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Little Shopper

We had such a good little shopper with us on this Black Friday. We went to both the Park Meadows mall on the south end of Denver and the Cherry Creek Mall near downtown Denver. Noah was champ the whole time. He took a nap on the way down to the mall. He ate a GREAT lunch: spaghetti, some of Daddy's chicken sandwich, some prunes (yum!) and water. He took another nap while walking around the Cherry Creek mall. Before we left for home we took him to the play area of the mall. It's very cute, all the play equipment is shaped like breakfast food. There's two bacon "slides/tunnels", eggs, strawberries, bananas, waffles and a big bowl of cereal. And there were kids EVERYWHERE! We could tell which Noah enjoyed more, the play area itself or the kids in the play area.
Here he is crawling on the eggs.
Playing on the strawberry.
Here we go crawling towards the strawberry. You can see the bacon slide/tunnel in the background. Noah loved the bacon (gets that from his mom, but I like to eat it, not stand next to it). You can also see the giant waffle and banana behind the bacon.

It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful little boy Justin and I have. I don't know of any other 15 month olds you could take shopping all day long that would be so pleasant to be around the whole time. We are truly thankful he is our son.

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