Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cause And Effect

Noah is learning cause and effect. He is especially practicing this with the t.v., v.c.r., DVD player and tuner. Here he is this morning pushing the "on" button on the v.c.r., which resulted in a snow storm on the t.v.! (picture below). He does this also with the C.D. player in his room. He's gotten quite good at switching from the cd to the radio and switching back and forth from am to fm. He scares himself every now and then when he turns the volume up too high!

All the while he's learning while pushes these buttons I think sometimes he's starting to push his daddy's buttons, especially in the middle of a football game! : )

He's cruising everywhere now days. We keep thinking he'll soon figure out that he can do it on his own without the wall or chair or our hands. Then we'll truly have our hands full!!!

Here he is getting ready for the Bronco game. We're all hoping that the Broncos and not the Donkeys show up to play today!!!
Come on Denver, we need a win today! : )

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