Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Wins!!! Broncos Win!!! And Our Little Stair Climber!

Needless to say everyone here is very excited about Obama's win on Tuesday! Here's Noah that morning sporting his Obama shirt.
The next two pictures are from that night at the Shoe's (Noah ate Cheetos, thus his shirt turned orange, so he had a "wardrobe change").
The two pictures below are also from that night. The first is with Uncle Seth and Uncle Adam. In the second he is wearing Grandma Kathy's patriotic hat.

The Broncos had a game Thursday night and won by the skin of their teeth! Uncle Aaron & Aunt Janis bought Noah a Jay Cutler jersey for Christmas last year, thankfully it was an 18 month so he can still wear it!
Noah's climbing stairs now like a champ. He can climb the flight of stairs in our house, which have 14 steps, in about a minute!!!

And our little man is cruising around everywhere! If he could just figure out he doesn't need to hold onto anyone or anything he'd be walking and running around here!

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