Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Reading Program

Noah and I have been going to baby story time at the local library. I found out that they let babies participate in the summer reading program. For every 10 times we read together he gets a prize. Noah actually had finished his first ten last week (we got started late with the program) so I brought his log with us to the library on Wednesday and he got a free book. I picked out a couple to show to him and he decided on Skip To My Loo, which is good because we can sing to it!!! He carried the book all the way home on our walk home from the library. This kiddo LOVES to be read to!

We've got a doctors appointment today (in about 45 minutes!). They are going to re-measure his head. Hopefully it's not growing too fast! I will post later how that turns out.

Here are a couple fun pictures:
Noah "helping" with laundry yesterday morning

Noah and his Daddy in their matching "Obama 2008" t-shirts.

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