Monday, June 2, 2008

Noah's CT

First of all, I want to let everyone know that we received good news from Noah's CT!!!! We drove him down to Children's Hospital in Aurora this afternoon, I called his doctor when I got home asking her to let us know when she gets the results and she called us back before dinner. What a relief to know that everything is okay. We do have to take him in at the end of the month so she can re-measure his head. She wants to make sure that his head isn't growing too fast and if it is we'll be going back to Children's to visit a specialist. We're not sure what that doctor will do, but right now we are counting our blessings that as of now all is well with Noah.

As Justin and I were driving to the hospital we both were thinking how lucky we were that we were going there for only a CT and that we would be bringing our baby home with us today. I can't imagine how many parents go there and have to leave their children at the hospital. Or worse yet, those whose children never leave. It makes me very sad to think about that. How fortunate we are that everything is okay with our baby.

Here's some pics of Noah and his new piano and above is a picture of him underneath Grandma Debbie's piano bench. He likes the piano and is still learning about all the different things it does. One of his favorite features of the piano is the book on the music stand. He LOVES to turn the pages (and always tries to turn them from the right side! We should have known nothing was wrong with his brain!)

Below are a couple pictures of Noah in his outfit that Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Tom bought when they were in Hawaii last summer. In the first one he was playing on our bed after I stripped the sheets! Silly baby!

Yea! Noah is finally trying to eat crackers!!! That was one of the dr.'s concerns- that he wasn't feeding himself. He just needs more exposure to it and he'll get it. Granted this one missed his mouth, a lot of them are making it in!

And the other big news is Noah started swim lessons today. That was fun, he was fine with the water but clung to me. I think he was intimidated by all the people and the new surroundings. Justin will be going with me on Wednesday so we'll try to get some pictures to post.

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