Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bath & A Box, Etc.

Noah's "duck" tub has been retired. You might recall I posted a picture of him in it a few months ago. It was by far ten of the best dollars Justin and I have ever spent. But, with the trip to Chicago quickly approaching and the fact that he is getting too big for the "duck" tub we decided to let him "go for a swim" in the big tub. He did great! He was able to play with some of his bigger bath toys, he loved the way the bottom of the tub felt when he rubbed his feet against it and he had a great time splashing!
Here are some pics of our big boy standing against the couch. He loves to stand, if only he could get himself into that position without our help! We had an appointment with Child Find today. He was assessed by a preschool teacher, occupational therapist, speech therapist and a child psychologist. He's right where he should be with everything except his gross motor skills, which are delayed. They gave us strategies to help him learn how to move to the ground from sitting, encourage him to use his arms and to help him learn to cruise. We put some of those into application when we got home.

Later this evening we went to Susie and Dustin's house to watch them open their wedding presents. They just got back Sunday evening from their honeymoon to Paris, Venice and Rome. Noah, as always, was very helpful by playing and chewing on ribbon and wrapping paper. Here he is sitting in one of the Bed, Bath & Beyond boxes. We got home about an hour past his bedtime. It was a busy day and he was such a little trooper.

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