Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garage Sale

So Exempla Hospital in Lafayette every year has a huge baby garage sale. People pay $35 to reserve a booth to sell their "gently used or new" baby items and people pay $1 (actually a donation) to go through all the booths. We needed to get a pack-n-play for the Shoemakers' house for Noah to take naps in next school year. I found one that will work but I also had some other finds. I bought a couple new wooden puzzles (a children's toy store from Boulder was there), some plastic building toys and a walker. I think the walker was definitely $5 well spent. Noah had tried out his cousin Merrick's walked on Thursday and seemed to do well with it. Of course right now all he does is go backwards, but he'll learn!
This is not the best picture of Noah, but check out those teeth!! There is another tooth coming in on the top, if you look closely you can see it!
It's still so strange to see those teeth in his smile. They came in SO fast! I believe my Uncle Gary said after those other two on the top come in the molars are next. Oh fun! Noah's already hard to put to sleep right now because of teething, I can't wait for the fun that molars will bring!

Here's Noah at his play date on Thursday with his cousin Merrick. My cousin, Cassie, and her grandpa Jim are in the picture as well. Cassie's husband is in the service and will be going to Korea at the end of July. He will be there about a year. Please keep him in your prayers!

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Uncle Hulka said...

Sponge Bob SquarePants looks so cute in his new walker!!! Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea?.... let's start asking the more intriguing question of who lives under a rock???? Can you answer this deep question?