Saturday, June 14, 2008

5th Wedding Anniversary

It's hard to believe that today is our 5th anniversary! I don't have any of our wedding photos on our computer (back in that day they didn't have these fancy digital cameras! Just kidding, it's just that all of our photos were taken via film and I haven't scanned any onto the computer) So, here are a couple pics from our honeymoon. In the top picture we were in Paris, the Champs Elysees is in the behind us and the Arc de Triumph is in front of us. The bottom picture we were in Venice eating lunch along the Grand Canal by the Rialto Bridge. That was a WONDERFUL trip, I hope that someday we will get to go back to both places.

If we don't make it back to Paris and Venice it might very well be due to this little fellow!! (Who, by the way, will not try pancakes, but does a nice job of dissecting them!) We decided to buy him some new books today while we were at Borders. He kept grabbing "The Wheels on the Bus" off the shelf. Although we had 5 other books picked out, once it went in his mouth we felt committed to buying it. Little did we know it cost $21! I guess that's our anniversary present to each other: more books for Noah!!! Sometimes it pays to be the baby!


crazyauntiejan said...

Happy Anniversary! I should of said it when I see you guys today. Oh well. Isn't crazy how time flies:)

Seth said...

Nice fanny pack.