Thursday, June 12, 2008

Made My Heart Melt

Noah started hugging his "Cookie Monster" today! It was so sweet!!! Then when he woke up from his nap I gave him his stuffed cow and he hugged that as well. It was so cute to see him giving out hugs to Cookie Monster and the cow! Truly made my heart melt.

On other news, Noah cut his 4th tooth sometime on Wednesday. It seems that his teeth come in pairs. He got the front bottom two in March and now the front top two.
Today was the last day of swim lessons for a few weeks. We only registered for the 1st and 4th sessions. Boy those two weeks went fast!!! We're planning on scheduling swimming time (M,W & F at 12), otherwise we'll end up making excuses and not going! It's amazing how much he's "improved" from the first lesson. He's now catching the ball when they pass it to him, he's going all the way under water and working on his front float and back float! He's also loves using the wagon that Uncle Aaron had when he was a baby. I found it in my Granny's basement yesterday. A note to Uncle Aaron- hope you dont' mind that Noah is borrowing it, I don't think you'll fit in it any more! :)

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