Saturday, April 19, 2008

Too Tired To Title This Post

I just can't think of a clever title for this post today. All I know is it's been a busy day. Susie's bridal shower was today. It went really well, but this morning was hectic. Between getting everything organized, picking up the cake and balloons and borrowing tables from Seth, we also had a little boy who wasn't interested in eating. And as you can see below, he's sticking out his tongue. Both of these behaviors they (the parenting book) say are signs of teething. All I know is if he is cutting a new tooth this one is a lot more painful and difficult for him than the first 2! Poor baby!
Here's Noah playing with his farm that Santa brought him. This should make his dad happy. The other night as we were sitting with Noah, who was playing with his train, Justin was commenting on how he wished Noah would play with the farm because he likes the music from the farm better than the music from the train. Well, J finally got his wish!
Noah has learned to eat prunes: woo hoo! Go prunes! But this isn't why I took this picture. We're going to have to teach him soon that it's not polite to put your feet on the table when you're eating dinner!

My little book worm: he can't get enough of his books. He enjoys having books read to him but he also enjoys eating them. Now that he's got those two bottom teeth we have to be careful: there are a couple books that have got chew marks on them!

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crazyauntiejanis said...

I can't wait to see you guys on Friday. Get some more crazy auntie time. Sunday was just not enough:)