Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun Family Weekend

This weekend just flew by! And we spent SO much time with family, it was really nice.
Friday night Aaron, Janis, Mary and Ellie came over. Here's Noah playing with his cousins. We had pizza and played games. It was so nice to get to spend time with them.
No, Saturday was not Halloween, although from the looks of Grandpa Tom I could see where one would get confused. It was the second time the Shoemaker clan got together for poker night, so he was "dressing up". Now I know I haven't been to Vegas in a while, is this how they're dressing there now?
Here's Noah with the reigning poker champion: Leahna. She won the last time we played in March and she won again Saturday night. She and Adam will be leaving for Washington state in May for a couple months for Adam's internship. The good thing about this is it will give someone else the opportunity to win!
One more picture from poker night. Here's Noah with Uncle Seth. Notice the kicked up feet on the table, just a lazy Saturday for him.
This brings us to Sunday. We went to my parents' house for dinner where we got to see the cousins again. Here's Justin, Ellie and Noah in the backyard.

So, while Noah got to wear many hats this weekend, (son, cousin, grandson, nephew; cowboy & baseball) he also worked on learning some new tricks. The most impressive one is standing next to the coffee table at my mom's house. My mom jokingly calls him "jello legs" because whenever we go to stand him up his legs turn to jello. I think we started noticing it yesterday that all of a sudden he was standing up, nice and straight, with no jello legs! He still isn't crawling, but he can roll across the room like no body's business.
And did I mention how LOUD he is? This kiddo's got a set of pipes! He loves to yell and then laugh and give you a great big smile! It's so much fun to see this little guy's personality develop more and more each day!

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