Monday, April 14, 2008


It was a beautiful day here in Colorado! Grandma and Grandpa took Noah up to Poudre today. My mom will be watching Noah on Friday and Monday so they're thinking of going camping and went up there to check out camp grounds. I guess Noah loved being pushed around in the stroller up there.

It was so nice today that when we got home from Grandma & Grandpa's we changed him into shorts (in fact we all changed into shorts) and took a short walk to the grocery store. Noah loves to go for walks it seems. Today and last week after we went for walks outside he seemed upset to be home!
Here's Noah and J modeling their shorts. Unfortunately I don't think Noah will be able to wear this pair again, they were pretty tight. My mom got them on sale last fall and didn't know what a big boy he would be this spring!

I had to share the picture below of Noah and Daddy playing with his toys. Or should I say Daddy playing with Noah's toys! I think Justin enjoys them more than Noah! He's got the whole "Super-star Stage" toy figured out and has fun "mixing" his tunes. Way to go J! Now let Noah have a turn every now and then. :)
Just one more picture of my cutie pie. I love this picture, I think the shirt says it all!

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