Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting Stuck and Loving It!

Noah has really embraced rolling. He's really getting around now. I noticed that today he's rolling both ways off of his stomach and back. And he doesn't seem to mind it so much when he finds himself in a tight situation. What cracks me up in the picture below is how he has that one leg draping over the arch of his gym. The other night he just kept kicking and kicking that leg, bouncing it up and down on the gym, it was too funny. The picture below that was taken Friday. He had rolled and gotten under his swing before we left for the Shoemakers. He looks like a little car mechanic under there.
So, Noah went with Justin, Seth, Grandma and Grandpa Shoemaker to the Waffle House today. I personally don't like the Waffle House and since I had an all day ROCKE workshop that's great that they went today. It seems to me from this picture Noah doesn't share his dad's sentiments for the Waffle House (he even looks a little scared!)

What I like about this pic is if you look closely you can see those two bottom teeth! Maybe someday soon he will be eating waffles! (AT HOME!)

Here his is making the most of the situation at the Waffle House with Uncle Seth and Daddy. What a good sport his is! :)

Something fun and new- Noah has learned that when he speaks into something like this water bottle his voice is louder. He learned this over at Grandma & Grandpa's. It's too funny to watch him do it. But really, I think everything he does is fun to watch! I'm not biased!! :)

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Seth said...

Scared?!? I'd say he's worried about deciding which way he want's his hashbrowns. That, and how much pressure there'll be to beat his old man's waffle eating record. Waffle on 3!!!