Thursday, December 6, 2007

We're On A Roll!

Noah is changing more and more everyday. When we got from school today we put Noah on his quilt on the floor and started to unload our bags from the car. We were in the kitchen and noticed that Noah was on his side. I went over to play with him and put him on his back. Pretty soon he rolled onto his side again. Thinking maybe this was just luck, I turned him on his back to see what would happen. Everytime I rolled him on his back he would roll back onto his side. He spent a lot of time tonight working on this new skill. He was also a lot happier during "tummy time" tongiht, lifting his head high and trying to get his knees under him. All too soon he'll be on the go!

I wish I knew how to put a video clip on here. Justin was singing and making Noah "dance" tonight. He was laughing harder than either of us had ever heard him laugh before. (and I did get most of it on tape!) It was so sweet.

Another new thing he's doing is "posing" for pictures (I'm sure this isn't intentional). It seems that lately he'll look at the camera when it's out and smile. I was reading him "Mr. Brown Can Moo" when Justin went to take this picture: he looked up and started smiling for the camera!

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C.O.N. said...

Amy, thanks for setting up this fun site for us all to watch Noah grow! He's a cute little geezer. Hey, Papa Justin, I bet it won't be long before Noah wants to hear all about Arty Duty. Remember him? Hope your concert and fundraiser go well and thanks for showing us Jackie's cool quilt for Mr. Noah.