Monday, December 10, 2007


I have found that since there are two boys in the house, Sundays are now comsumed by football. The t.v. goes on even before the first game starts. I knew that having a son Justin would use this as an excuse to have football on all day. What I didn't realize is how much Noah would like football (or so it seems he likes it). We were at my parents house a couple weekends ago. My brother, Aaron, got on the floor to play with Noah. Well, he got in Noah's way of the television and Noah got upset. Aaron moved out of the way, and Noah was fine again. Just to see if this was a fluke, Aaron got in Noah's way again. Noah responded the same way, getting upset and then he was fine when Aaron got out of his way. Everytime this was repeated, Uncle Aaron got the same response from Noah. Makes me wonder, was there a football gene that he inherited?!!

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Casey said...

He's just so smiley, I have to laugh when I see him!