Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

I think this picture is too cute. It seems as if he's contemplating if he's on Santa's naughty or nice list. (We all know he's definately on the nice list!)

It's so hard to believe that Christmas is just over a week away! This fall has really flown by, I'm not usre if it's because of my maternity leave and not having been in school so long or it's having a new born around and cherishing every moment spent with him. I'm thinking it's most likely a combination of the two, with an emphasis on the latter.

Justin, Noah and I went to the mall today. We're almost done with our Christmas shopping- we only have Noah left to buy for. It's actually harder to shop for him than I thought it would be. He's not really playing with that many toys, so all the toys that we're getting for him are for him to play with later. There are so many things out there! And then there's the worry about buying something that was made in China and has been recalled.

After we went shopping we went over to Grandma Kathy's and Grandpa Tom's to help bake Christmas cookies. Uncle Seth, Uncle Adam and Aunt Leahna were all there. They did a great job baking, while Noah and I watched (and Noah slept a little). It's always such fun to see the aunts and uncles play with Noah.

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C.O.N. said...

I love Noah in his Santa hat. He's either just seen the sugar plum fairies or maybe he's just wondering if anybody noticed the little bit of gas he just passed!